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RV Interior Organization - Making your motorhome homey - How To and Product Reviews

Here's my take on attaching gizmos inside my RV to help achieve the hominess I crave.
First, I have learned a HUGE lesson ----> do NOT poke holes in your RV walls if you can avoid it, Why? the walls are thin, the walls are filled with wiring and plumbing that you don't want to mess with. For example: I bought a corkboard to hang up papers and such at horse shows. It had two little hanger hooks that came with it including 1" nails. I pounded them in at an angle by the side door, up by the cab area, voila, holes through the fiberglass poking out the front. So, here are some better means of hanging stuff or keeping things in place and the varying success I have had with them.
  • tacky putty - not much success, limited application
  • velcro - don't like the adhesive on the back of it
  • 3M Removable Interlocking Fasteners With CommandTM Adhesive - liked this method of adhering and hanging the best
  • suction cups - limited applications but happy with it so far

tacky putty - I bought this for hanging very light things, such as a matter picture and for keeping light things in place, such as my ring holder in the bathroom. this worked ok for the bathroom application, it does not work for vertical applications. My guess is that the temperature changes of the walls and the weight is too much for the putty to hold.

velcro - I haven't had good luck with velcro, mainly due to its sticky back adhesive. the previous owners of my RV had used a long wide strip of velcro to keep their throw rug in place. of course that rug came with it so as soon as I got home I went to pull it up and found that the gummy is permanenty adhered to the linoleum. I will need to purchase some acetone to fix the problem, likely permanently dulling the linoleum in the process. So I stay away from Velcro.

3M Removable Interlocking Fasteners With CommandTM Adhesive and Hooks with CommandTM adhesive - Ok now with this adhesive I have had the best luck. the new velcro with the little balls fitting into the hooks and 3M's fancy removable adhesive are great. This stuff works well for vertical applications. I have successfully hung: bath towel hook on the door, magazine racks(using 3 of the interlocking strips), framed pictures, hooks for hats, keys etc. I even put up a hook and removed it to prove it was removable. I have had these in the RV for almost a year now. What I like best about them is that I can take the pictures and shelves off the walls for safe travel, and put everything up when I make camp, ensuring my RV is "homey" just the way I like it.
3m Command strips for my paper stash

3m Command strips for my horses win photos!

3M Removable Interlocking Fasteners With Command Adhesive

suction cups - I found some bath accessories that looked RV friendly, they have suction cups to adhere to the mirror. I bought a toothbrush and misc holder to keep stuff in. Since RV baths are small, its nice to keep the tiny counter space clear. Again after about a year these items are still doing their job nicely.

How to keep stuff from moving around
I have researched and tested out various means of keeping key "movers" in a motorhome still.

Rugs - On a linoleum or wood floor the same rubber floor liner works best. If you are really desperate you can velcro it down like the previous owners in my motorome did. Warning it will ruin your floor:(

Dinette cushions - I hate how they scoot around so I have investigated what other folks have done. The best, non-invasive method that I have adopted is using the cabinet rubber non slip liner you get in a roll at the store. It is similar to the carpet rubber, but a bit thinner. Be generous with it, use the largest piece that will fit under your cushion to ensure the least amount of slippage. My aunt used velcro on the backs of her cushions (lets see if I can explain: on the bottom cushion, the thin zippered side is where she attached the velcro, and on the backs of the tall cushions), she sewed on side on the cushion and taped the other half to the booth. Either way seems to work well.

Items in cabinets - The rubber non-stick liner works well, and I also bough the white telescoping refrigerator poles, which for my fridge were too narrow so I ended up using them in the linen closet in the bathroom. I can line up my taller items right in front, behind the pole and it keeps everthing from shooting out when I open it.

New RV, New organizing tactic
The New RV has more cabinet space. The cabinets are really tall so I had to break most of them in to two levels of storage using white metal shelves. I then used baskets and containers to compartementalize all the little stuff. And here is how it all turned out:

books, cards, games and such

basket of cables, hub and such over the TV. The TV is a flip up lcd panel which makes that cabinet great for storage.

Cans and soups in baskets

silverware, supplies in a tote and the toaster

double sink allows one to be filled with the dish cleaning supplies

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